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Ryo Dental Clinic’s Dental Treatments

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While treating a toothache after it begins to hurt seems to be the general approach, a toothache can quickly affect an individual’s overall health negatively. Here at Ryo Dental Clinic we offer treatments to correct the root of the pain and continue to conduct preventative treatments to avoid repeating the same condition. We offer thoughtful dental treatments with the improvement of your overall health in mind.

Your mouth’s health is important as the mouth serves as the entrance to your whole body while it takes in nutrients. A cavity or a gum disease should not be taken lightly but should alert you as an illness to an important part of your body. We also shouldn’t ignore the rest of your body when considering treatments, because poor conditions in your mouth could be just one of the symptoms of a bigger illness. Also, what is happening repetitively in your mouth could impact the rest of your body negatively as well. With this in mind, we like to view the mouth and the body as a whole system and offer thoughtful treatments in order to improve your overall health and welfare.

Metal Free Treatments

dental treatment by Ryo Kitamura D.D.S

At Ryo Dental Clinic we conduct metal free treatments. We don’t use any metal restoration due to its harmfulness to the body.

Metal restoration within the mouth requires oxidation by generating electric current through saliva in which causes metal corrosion. Also, generating voltage sends electromagnetic brain waves. According to a laboratory that studies the brain waves (EEG Research), these electromagnetic brain waves interfere with the normal brain waves. This interference weakens the immune system, increase stress, and alters the autonomic nervous system. In long term, this could eventually cause Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and/or Alzheimer’s disease. Because mercury in amalgam fillings causes severe consequences to the body, we remove all metal materials and replace them with ceramics or composite resins in order to conduct metal free treatments.

Preference of Materials Used in Treatments

The International Congress Of Oral Implantologists

As mentioned earlier, we put our patient’s overall health and welfare first. Therefore, we do not use any metals or harmful materials for our treatments. Restoration of inlay, crown, and bridge are completed with the use of zirconia and ceramic.

Also, composite resin treatment is completed without the use of harmful PMA, bis-GMA, HEMA.

There may be cases when it is inevitable to use certain harmful materials. For example, we use titanium for implanting lost tooth into the bone as it has been proven after 50 years of scientific research that eventually new, healthy cells will be produced. However, in order to minimize any harm to the body, we use zirconia and ceramics. Also, for patients who are allergic to metal, we can use zirconia implant to accommodate.

Suggestions for Lost Tooth


When treating a lost tooth, removable partial denture or bridge created by utilizing remaining teeth tends to be the general approach. However, we suggest implant in such cases. The reason for this relies on the importance of occlusion -or the position of the jaw when the mouth is closed. When you’re missing a tooth, the surrounding teeth lose support and balance that was provided by the tooth that was previously there. This situation could lead to worse conditions. In worst case scenario, you may end up losing teeth that initially had no issues. The main task in treating a lost tooth is to recreate the same occlusion as before the tooth was lost. The implant allows for the recreation of the previous occlusion naturally.

The most important aspect of treating a lost tooth (or teeth) is if you can comfortably chew as before. The implant treatment will allow for comfort for a long period of time with no major issues. Our treatment suggestion for lost tooth is based on our rich experience and comprehensive aspect of dentistry, as well as our hope for an effective result for our patients.

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