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Laser Dentistry

  • Laser Dentistry

Laser Dental Treatment

wear the goggles to protect your eyesLaser treatment  is a dream dental treatment that is noiseless, vibrationless, and painless.

Laser treatment is a dream dental treatment that is noiseless, vibrationless, and painless.

By applying the laser light to only the areas affected by the tooth decaying bacteria, removal is kept at the minimum requirement. Also, the laser light does not damage the healthy teeth as it will only affect the cavity areas where the hardness of the teeth has weakened. Because the bacteria are killed from the treatment there is also no need to shave down a huge area of the tooth.

If the cavity is in the early stages, the treatment will not require any anesthesia or there is no need to unplug the nerves, which shortens the total treatment time. It demonstrates the effect of general, oral treatments such as prevention of future repeat, pigmentation, and canker sores.

Benefits of Laser Treatment:

  1. Treatment can be completed with almost zero pain.
  2. After the treatment, cavity becomes difficult to occur, making the teeth stronger.
  3. By killing the oral bacteria, bad breath and periodontal diseases are treated.
  4. The color of the gums become healthy and beautiful in appearance.
  5. Can eliminate oral pains such as canker sores.
  6. Effective treatment of temporomandibular disorder (TMD)

What Can Be Accomplished by Laser Treatment


Treatment and Prevention of Cavities

Because fillings and covers are placed after the cavity is removed and bacteria are killed completely, prevention of future cavities become greatly effective.

Treatment for Gingivitis and Periodontal Diseases

Treatment for periodontal diseases is completed by laser sterilization of the pocket by laser and can improve bleeding and swelling of the gums and drainage of the pocket. This process also promotes the healing ability as well.

Elimination of Melanin Dye

By removing the melanin dye from blacked gums, it is possible to get back the pink, healthy appearance in the gums.

Treatment of Canker Sores and Mucous Membrane Diseases

Canker sores that develops on the tongue, lips, or within the mouth is treated by laser, decreasing the amount of pain and promoting the healing process.

Treatment of Inflammation Around the Implant

Like the treatment of periodontal diseases, healing process for inflammation caused by implants can be promoted by laser and sterilization. It protects the health of the gums near the implant.

Treatment for Hypersensitivity

The laser treatment can lighten the symptoms of hypersensitivity caused by shaving and exposure of the root of the tooth.

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)

Pain caused by conditions of difficulty opening the mouth can be treated by laser to ease the pain.

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