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Anti-aging Medicine

  • Anti-aging Medicine

What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

Anti-aging medicine is an ultimate preventative care, known as plus medicine, provided to further improve the overall health of generally healthy people rather than the traditional health care where the purpose is to treat illnesses. You could say it is a theoretical or practical science that strives for wellness and longevity.

Disease Medicine (Traditional Medicine) v.s. Plus Medicine (Preventative Care)

Causes of Aging

Anti-aging dental care is provided to our patients at our clinic.

At our clinic, as we consider the mouth as the main entrance to the body, we offer an anti-aging dental care from the mouth to the body. First, we must understand the current condition of the body. Typically, we conduct a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) to determine the overall health. For example, if there are a lot of silver crowns in the oral cavity and causes health issues, the analysis will clearly show the condition. Anti-aging care makes improvement of overall health a reality through a 3-phase procedure. First search for the specific cause of the illness or health issue, then focus on eliminating the cause, then, recovery and encourage improvement in the future.

The Relationship Between the Mouth and the Body

the Mouse relates the Body

The oral cavity, or the mouth, has a deep involvement with the overall health and quality of life as it functions to satisfy the fundamental human desire such as eating, tasting, drinking, and speaking. The mouth is also an important feature as it allows us to breathe and make expressions of emotions.

Furthermore, the oral cavity allows humans to realize the aging process through tooth loss, periodontal disease, bad breath, taste disorders, and xerostomia. Along with the eyes, the mouth is important as it detects the aging process early on and affect the overall body functions and maintenance greatly.

For example, it is known that chewing stimulates the cerebral cortex’s motor cortex. Currently it is suggested that there is a correlation between chewing and memory. Also, chewing and occlusion can increase the blood flow in the brain and increase metabolism.

Besides sanitizing the oral cavity, and dissolving and digesting food, saliva performs important roles to maintain health by forming antibacterial properties and protecting the mucous membrane. The realization of aging lowers the quality of life and can have an impact on mental health. Just because the condition of the body besides the oral cavity is normal, does not guarantee a rich quality of life.

Therefore, through practice of anti-aging medicine, the dentist’s role is imperative. It is no exaggeration when it is said that the anti-aging care begins with the mouth, as it is an extremely important element to the process.

Recently, gene diagnosis utilizing oral mucosal cells has been reviewed as a new medical field in the dentistry. We are now approaching the time where we can predict the risk of becoming a patient of lifestyle-related diseases, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dental care will no longer focus on just treating the oral cavity, but there is high expectation that new preventative care of anti-aging medicine is provided from collaboration of multiple medical fields.

Heavy Metals and Aging: Protecting Your Body from Heavy Metals →A Dentist’s Role

metal-free teeth make heathy body

Heavy metals, such as platinum, gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, chrome, cadmium, mercury, zinc, arsenic, and cobalt, are either essential or have adverse effects on the human body.

Mercury is included in amalgam, which has been used for over 100 years as one of the dental materials. Today, due to pollution problems and inventions of excellent materials, it is no longer used frequently. However, we come across quite a few patients who have amalgam fillings.

Heavy metals like nickel, cobalt, and chrome is prone to oxidation and are unstable which makes it easy to elute by saliva and occlusion. With even a small amount, there is a possibility that it will accumulate within the body. When heavy metal pollution accumulates for a long period of time it is said that life-style related diseases may occur without any specific symptoms.

Unstable metals are prone to oxidation and when accumulated within the body the production of free radicals are promoted and becomes the cause of aging. Active oxygen is a representative of free radicals, which cause the human body to rust and speed up the process of aging.

Treatment Procedures

1. Detection of Heavy Metals:

Anti-aging medicine

[Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)]

  • Predict the mineral accumulation level within the body.
  • Grasp the amount of hazardous substances such as mercury, lead, and arsenic, and grasp the amount of deficiency in necessary minerals for the human body.

Deficiencies → Obtain from food and supplements. Nutritional guidance and prescribed supplements for accumulated hazardous substances →Emission from the body

2. Emission of Heavy Metals from the body:

  • Remove metal prosthetics from the mouth and exchange with materials that are not harmful to the body.
  • Amalgam and heavy metal fillings and crown →exchange with ceramics and hybrid materials.

By taking in food rich in dietary fibers the hazardous substances are eliminated from the body as urine and human waste. Through increased hydration, the substances are eliminated from the body as urine and sweat. By taking amino acid, which contains cysteine, emission of heavy metals from the body is encouraged.
Take in supplements such as lactoferrin, which has the ability to combine with iron and eliminate reactive oxygen species.

Chelation Therapy: Chelation joins with metals and are emitted outside of the body.

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