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Policy of Ryo Dental Clinic

Ryo Kitamura D.D.S.

Since the opening of the clinic in 1985, Dr. Ryo Kitamura has seen and cared for numerous foreign businessmen, diplomats, and their family members. Today, many foreign patients from all across Japan and from overseas visit Dr. Ryo Kitamura seeking our faithful and loyal dental care.

The past 20 years of specializing in treating foreign patients have made us realize how much psychological stress and anxiety has been carried by our foreign patients due to the cultural shock. From paying attention to the patient’s overall well-being, including mental wellness, we have not only been able to successfully treat within the patient’s oral cavity, but also dramatically improve the overall health of each patient.

From such experiences, we commit to a thoughtful dental care with the focus on the patient’s overall health and wellness. Dr. Ryo Kitamura promises to offer the absolute best dental care for all foreign patients residing in Japan as well as those visiting from overseas seeking for dental care in Japan.

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