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Dental Cleaning

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Are you confident that your teeth are healthy ?

Are you confident that your teeth are healthy ?

Are you confident that you will be able to eat and talk with your teeth for the rest of your life ?

We will protect you from oral diseases such as tooth decay and periodontal disease and help you maintain a healthy oral cavity forever.

The method we provide is “ Dental Cleaning”
By removing dental plaque in the oral cavity and polishing the surface of the teeth, the risk of oral diseases will be avoided.

There are 5 benefits to cleaning your teeth .

You can get these 5 benefits by cleaning your teeth regularly.

5 benefits of Dental Cleaning

5 benefits of Dental Cleaning

Prevents Cavities

One of the most significant benefits of dental cleaning is the fact that it prevents cavities.
Tooth decay is induced by plaque build-up, which can attack tooth enamel and lead to cavities. Thus, removing plaque by brushing and flossing daily is more than necessary.
And frequent dental cleanings done by professional can offer you the best oral health.

Prevents Tooth Loss

The principal cause of gum disease is plaque build-up. If left unattended, this build-up leads to tooth loss in adults. Still, if you want to decrease the chances of experiencing gum disease, it is always best to go for regular appointment at RYO DENTAL CLINIC. Regular dental cleanings and good oral hygiene can protect your teeth and oral health.

Can Make Your Smile Beautiful

Another benefit of dental cleaning is the fact that it can remove stains and offer your teeth a freshly polished appearance. And also it can lead to a whiter and brighter smile, as it can remove the side effects of foods or beverages that stain your teeth.

Improves Your Health

In case you didn’t know already, regular dental cleaning can aid you to prevent several health problems. Studies shows that dental cleaning can assist in lowering the risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. So if you want to improve your overall health, you should start with a visit to RYO DENTAL CLINIC.

Prevents Bad Breath

Everyone fears that moment when they start experiencing bad breath. But Excellent oral health can avoid this problem. Besides brushing and flossing daily, you should have regular dental cleanings at RYO DENTAL CLINIC. It’s the best approach to keep your oral health up and prevent unwanted odours, as it will deal with bacteria in your mouth.

Dental Cleaning features provided by RYO DENTAL CLINIC

Dental Cleaning features p

We provide PMTC; professional mechanical tooth cleaning all teeth (upper and lower)at one time, the preventive effect is extremely high.

Our goal is to have your teeth cleaned regularly to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease, and to perform maintenance to maintain the treated teeth for a long time.

Protect your teeth and keep your mouth healthy.

If you lose your teeth in the future due to tooth decay or periodontal disease,you can’t enjoy eating and talking, also have an aesthetic problem. Don’t you hate such a future?

We have a program to keep your mouth healthy and in good condition after treatment through regular tooth cleaning.

Our Professional Teeth Cleaning Process

Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

The dental cleaning process then continues with a thorough cleaning.

If you have plaque build up on your teeth, we will remove it with a small scraping tool.

Plaque is bacteria that has built up on your teeth. If your teeth have a yellowish tint to them, you may have plaque that has hardened and turned into tartar. Either way, we will thoroughly scale and clean your teeth.

If you have any cavities, we will make a note of it on our chart and pass that information on to the dentist.

The cleaning isn’t typically a painful process, but you might feel a bit sore afterward.

It’s essential to remove as much tartar and plaque as possible, especially if you haven’t had a cleaning for a while.

Polishing and Flossing

Polishing and Flossing

After you have your teeth cleaned, we will use a high-powered rotating polishing tool.

This sounds like it would hurt, but it’s not a painful process. In addition to polishing your teeth, we will give you a professional flossing.

If you have any flossing questions, this is the time to ask us.

Regular flossing is key in the reversal of early gum disease, called gingivitis. If you don’t floss and brush regularly, your gum disease could progress to a much more serious condition called periodontal disease.

If you can’t floss your teeth due to pain in your gums, let us know. You may have pockets of fluid called pus around the roots of your teeth. In general, let us know if you have any pain during the cleaning process.

The fee of our teeth cleaning is ¥16500.-(tax included)

We are happy to accept reservations for just cleaning your teeth.

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