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Emergency Dentistry

  • Emergency Dentistry

EMERGENCY Dental Treatment Acceptable 

We will make a special time quickly for you suffering as an emergency treatment

Emergency Dental Treatment in Tokyo Available in One Day! Wisdom tooth problem, Tooth pain, Gum swelling, Tooth breakage, etc.,Cavity treatment also can be finished in One Day! One Day Implants also available!

Please call +81-3-6280-5460 or send us an e-mail

We don’t accept Japanese health insurance for the emergency treatment

We will make a special time quickly for you suffering as an emergency treatment.

dental consulting

Unexpected dental problems arise from time to time which involves the teeth and surrounding tissues that is of high importance to be fixed by relevant professionals. At RYO DENTAL CLINIC, we can help you address some of the most urgent dental issues promptly. If you are experiencing a dental emergency,

Please do not hesitate to contact our clinic during our available office hours.
Dr. Ryo Kitamura has many years of experience providing dentistry care in multiple disciplines, can treat various dental problems.

While we cannot provide 24-hour dentistry services, we will do everything we can schedule an appointment for your problem as soon as possible.

We need x-rays for the initial examination and before we start the treatment.

Examples of requiring urgent treatment:

Chipped tooth
Chipped porcelain veneer
Broken or partially dislodged tooth
Broken or missing fillings, crowns
Swelling, Gum pain ,Abscessed teeth
Tooth decay

Addressing dental emergencies when they occur can benefit your long-term oral health. When you have some problems such as fractured teeth will worsen if left untreated. Infections may develop and progress, eventually the damage may require more extensive and complicated treatment than if the problem was addressed immediately.

If you are searching in or around Center of Tokyo area for an experienced dental team providing advanced care, please contact to RYO DENTAL CLINIC, +81-3-6280-5460 or e-mail :
Dr.Ryo Kitamura provides comprehensive dentistry services, and our dentistry team will schedule you a prompt appointment if you are experiencing an urgent dental matter.

Please bring with you


Valid picture ID
A valid credit card or cash

Payment options

For your convenience, we accept major credit cards , American Express, Visa, Master ,Diners , JCB .
Payment is expected before the services are performed.

Treatment fees samples: ( tax not included)

Initial Examination & Consultation ¥ 20,000.-
Panoramic X-ray ¥ 15,000.-
Oral-intra X-ray(each) ¥ 5,000.–
Cavity treatment (emergency) ¥ 15,000.-〜
Tooth extraction ¥ 50,000.-
Root canal treatment (emergency) ¥ 50,000.-〜
Gingival treatment
(Swelling gum,Abcess etc.,)
¥ 20,000.-〜
Medication ¥ 5,000.-〜

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