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Dental Implants Cost

  • Dental Implants Cost

How much Do Dental Implants Cost?

That is a question that can only be answered by first making it more specific, therefore, initially more complicated. In getting the answer, you’ll learn more about your actual needs and will be able to make more accurate assessment of what the true cost will be.
A note of caution before we get into the implant cost details, if someone (dentist) gives you a price without seeing your mouth first, you should be very careful.
Dental implants are customized for your mouth. An experienced implant dentist Dr. Ryo knows that no two patients or their dental implant treatment are the exactly alike or the same , so the number of appointments, procedures , costs will vary accordingly. Why pay “list price” for the worst-case scenario when you can get a dental implant price that is based on your situation?

Why so expensive?

It’s necessary to understand that “You are not buying titanium screw products but rather medical service. “
Dental implants are medical devices, implanted into living tissue. Living tissue including nerves, blood vessels, mandibular canals , sinuses. Dental implant placement is both art and science.
Dental implants have the potential for lasting lifetime when implants are placed in ideal position. However, if the implant is poorly positioned, that begins the horrible disaster for many years.
Unlike other tooth replacement options such as bridges, dentures, dental implants are highly customized to look, feel and act like your own natural teeth.
That is why to give you the best value, Dr. Ryo needs to see your mouth instead of guessing for the cost.
How many teeth is the patient missing? Are the missing teeth located next to each other? What is the health situation of the jawbone? All these affect to how much dental implants costs.
Dr. Ryo will ask you the questions for your safety and successful dental implants treatment. These questions can also minimize your cost. Why pay for the average implant procedures if those aren’t what you need?
You should be very careful if someone(dentist) offers an exact price for dental implants without seeing you. An experienced dental implant expert Dr.Ryo knows dental implants process is highly personalized for you.
Dr. Ryo who is credentialed by International, German and Japanese dental implants societies will give you peace of mind, security and confidence you are getting the best value.
While the cost of dental implants cannot easily be guessed without seeing you, one thing is clear; the long-lasting nature of dental implants can make them an excellent value. In fact, dental implants are very cost effective compare to other tooth replacement options such as bridges, dentures.

This cost effectiveness of dental implants is not the only reason dental implants are chosen from many people all over the world instead of other tooth replacement options such as bridges, dentures.

Dental Implants will not embarrass you.

Dental implants from a proven implant dentist Dr.Ryo give you complete confidence that you can eat without being self-conscious because they function like your own natural teeth. Dentures may make eating difficult and may reduce the ability to taste fully. Also dentures slip and click while you speak, laugh, cough and kiss. In contrast dental implants give you peace of mind because it won’t slip or click. Dental implants become part of your jaw structure and making it easier for you to enjoy your friends or companies without fear of embarrassment.

Dental implants will give you a natural looking smile.

Dental implants from Dr.Ryo give you the most natural look smile of all other tooth replacement options. Even better, dental implants feel like your own natural teeth. Unlike the other options, dental implants have the shape and sensation similar to the rest of your teeth.

Dental implants can help you stay healthy.

Dentures and other tooth replacement options may also feel less natural to your body and it may react to the loss of your tooth. Specifically you may lose jaw bone , leading to long term changes in the jawline and looks. In this regard, dental implants are superior tooth replacement option, because they are embedded directly into your jawbone which provides your body with stimulation it expects, so the body responds by continuing to keep your jawbone and looks, robust and healthy.
Dentures traps food particles between your gums and dentures. This can lead to the growth of bacteria, which in turn can contribute to gum disease and bad breath.

The cost of implant treatment will be affected by individual factors such as :

The bone quality , the bone quantity and location of bone.

If there is adequate width and height of bone for implant area, there will be no additional costs. Commonly though, bone is missing or deficient in shape and size where a tooth has been extracted. Bone grafting may be necessary simultaneously or prior to the implant placement. And that can cost hundred thousand yen to several hundred thousand yen.

The number of teeth which need to be replaced and the type of crown which will be used.

Individual cemented crowns, fixed bridges, removable bridges or full denture stabilized by implants. A single implant zirconia crown may cost ¥200,000.- . Implant bridges replacing several or many teeth range from ¥400,000.-to ¥ 3,000,000.-. Removable bridges or denture are usually less costly than than fixed bridges.

Type of implants that will be appropriate.

Standard implant that we use, Straumann Roxolid SLActive BLT, are usually 3.3mm to 4.8 mm in diameter and 8 mm to 16 mm in length. Those fixtures are designed to accept a variety of abutments to customize the connection to many types of teeth. We also prepare Straumann PURE Ceramic Implant for those who are allergic to metal, even titanium implants.

The numbers of implants needed to support missing teeth.

As you consider about the prices of implants are expensive, the single tooth dental implant treatments range from ¥ 350,000.- to ¥ 450,000.-, and additional surgery cost if it’ll be needed from ¥100,000.- to ¥300,000.-.

An Investment for your Smile and Oral Health.

When you choose and decided to undergo Dental Implants treatment, you are making an investment for your smile and oral health. Dental implants can provide a lifetime of unmatched support for restorations. In terms of longevity, dental implants last longer (20-30+ years) than other traditional restorations such as bridges(5-10 years), dentures (5-8 years). Although dental implants are more expensive upfront, when compare to bridges and dentures which will likely have to be replaced 2-3 times during your lifetime, dental implants pay for themselves.
Dental implants are the only restorative treatment that can stop bone recession, physical degeneracy helping you avoid a range of oral health concerns.

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