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Same day Dental implant

  • Same day Dental implant

Same Day Dental Implants Tokyo

Same day dental implants are an efficient, immediate option for replacing your missing tooth in just one visit to our clinic.

Dr.Ryo will place the implant and he will place the temporary crown on the implant in the same day. You’ll have beautiful smile during your post-procedure healing period.

Immediate dental implants experience the same level of success while providing you with results faster than ever.

Dental technology is constantly advancing, allowing patients to receive less invasive procedures while still achieving beautiful, permanent, long-lasting results.

Sane day implant procedures which has revolutionized the speed and convenience

Advantages of Teeth In One Day Implants

  1. Implants have very high success rate ( 90% + over 5years) and durability
  2. Are fixed in place meaning you don’t have to take them out
  3. Can eliminate second surgery: less invasive
  4. Preserves bone levels; The implant osses integrates to the bone better
  5. Soft tissues and gums heal more quickly and are less likely to recede
  6. Keep debris away from the tooth extraction socket, which helps with healing
  7. You are able to eat hard and sticky foods
  8. Closest option to natural teeth
  9. Cost effective in the long-term
  10. Conservative treatment; non destructive to healthy teeth

Dental Implants have become the gold standard of care for replacing missing teeth.

Same Day Dental Implants with All-On-4 Tokyo

All-On-4 dental implants offered at RYO DENTAL CLINIC in Tokyo can give you your desired set of teeth in a day using just four implants. All-On-4 implants are an option to replace missing teeth. A full set of beautiful teeth can dramatically boost your confidence and improve your quality of life by providing ease of eating and talking, which most of us take for granted.

A set of teeth is usually replaced by the placement of a denture or implants.
All-On-4 treatment reduces the number of dental implants needed to replace a full set of teeth.

The need for bone grafting is eliminated by placing the posterior dental implants with angle, forming secure anchors. These advantages equate to fewer visits and procedures for the patient, making all on 4 an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional treatment options.

Every patient is unique, and every case requires personal attention.
All on dental implant treatments are adaptable to different situations. The number of implants can be set to optimize the stability of the replacement teeth. All on 4, all on 5, all on 6 dental implant treatment can be used for specific patients. There are a various factors that can affect the availability of treatment options.

  1. Overall health of jaw bone
  2. Amount of jaw bone
  3. Number of dental implants needed

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