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Dental Implants Consultation

  • Dental Implants Consultation

About Dental Implants Consultation

Dental implants are widely recognized as the best restorative treatment available for missing teeth by replacing the natural roots which provide reliable alternatives to uncomfortable dentures or bridges.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, normally titanium but for those who are allergic to metal we have non-metal zirconia implants , used to support a restoration for a missing tooth or teeth, helping to prevent jaw bone loss.

Dental implants treatment is categorized as a form of surgery and prosthetic dentistry which means artificial replacement, but also is considered a form of cosmetic dentistry. People who have lost teeth might feel too self-conscious to speak or smile. Additionally, biting irregularities caused by lost teeth may cause a negative effect on eating habits, lead to secondary health problems such as malnutrition.

Once missing tooth roots are replaced, dental implants provide you with the strength and stability required to eat all the foods you love, without struggling to chew. Additionally, dental implants help to stimulate and maintain the amount ,quantity and quality of jawbone, preventing bone loss and helping to support facial features.

To determine if dental implants treatment is right for you, a consultation with Dr.Ryo Kitamura who is specialized in implant dentistry is needed.
During this appointment, your dental professional will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and evaluate bone density and quantity.

This may involve X-rays and CT scans to ensure if there is sufficient bone structure for placing implants. Also determine exactly where implants should be placed.

Concerning about the conditions of your oral tissues, oral hygiene and personal habits, and commitment for following aftercare instructions, Dr. Ryo will advise
you of the most appropriate treatment plan. Some patients with insufficient bone or gum tissue require bone graft or soft tissue graft, and the use of smaller diameter implants.

Depending on your situation, Dr.Ryo will advise you of how long the entire treatment will take, how many appointments will be necessary and what you can expect after each procedures.

During the consultation, options for local anesthesia and Sedation Dentistry ,if necessary, also will be discussed. The estimated cost of your dental implants, will also be discussed during the meeting. Dental Implant costs can vary significantly based on the types of treatment you choose for.

What do you expect during your dental implants consultation?

  • Meet with Dr. Ryo who is specialized in implant Dentistry, trained in Germany, France, Sweden and the United States, has years of experience in dental implants treatment.
  • We will give you a full clinical examination
  • We will listen to your story and can find out what your real need for treatment is.
  • We will take necessary x-rays and photos to aid us make your treatment planning.
  • Our highly experienced implant nurse will go through models and what is involved in implant treatment.
  • You will be given the opportunity to ask questions which you may have.
  • You will be spoken through what your treatment options are and what the costs will be specific to your case.
  • You will receive a full report of the statement of dental implants treatment detail things and costs of our finance plan.

Who is the ideal candidate for Dental Implants?

Some of the ideal traits a patient would have before getting implants:


Smoking affects your ability to heal after implant surgery. Success rate for smokers is about 85%, compared to 98% for non-smokers. It’s recommended quit using tobacco before implant procedures.

Adequate bone mass

When a patient loses a tooth, body begins the slow process of resorbing the bone that once surrounded it. The ideal patient will have enough bone remaining in their jaw to catch to an implant.

Reasonably good oral health

Patients with advanced stage of gum disease may not be the best candidates because implants require support from the surrounding gums underlying bone to be successful.

Most People Are Good Candidates:

Dental Implants can replace one, several or all of your teeth. They can be used in place of bridges or dentures. Good candidate for dental implants have healthy gums and are old enough so that their jawbone has stopped growing. You should also have enough bone to support and anchor the implants.

Even if you have lost your jawbone due to several reasons, however, you may still be a good candidate for dental implants. In fact, dental implants may be recommended to prevent further bone loss. Under these situations, bone can actually be regenerated with bone grafting procedures as part of implant process.


Successful dental implants start with a thorough evaluation of your jawbone, teeth, mouth and overall health. You will receive oral X-ray, possibly CT scan This will help us identify areas of bone loss and carefully see the shape of your both side of sinuses and nerve location to make accurate assessments for your dental implant treatment. We will also do a thorough medical evaluation, as your overall health and history plays a big role in how well your dental implants will heal and integrate to the jawbone.

Risk of Poor Outcomes:

Uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, radiation to the jaws, smoking, alcoholism, uncontrolled gum disease, are all risk factors that can adversely affect your outcome. But you may still be a good candidate with one of these diseases, but we’ll want to thoroughly asses your situation and work with you and with your doctor, physician, to increase your overall health and functioning. Those who take certain medications, such as steroids or drugs that suppress the immune system may not be suitable candidates, either. Those who have certain habits, such as severely grind or clench their teeth may put too much pressure on the implants, causing long term damage. But it is also treatable even after the implant treatment.

Overall, dental implants have a very high rate of success and patients tell us how happy they are with the outcome.
When you consider dental implants, we can complete a careful examination to determine what options are best suited for you.

Dental Implants are fantastic treatment to restore missing teeth and provide patients with decades of great oral health and confidence.
Knowledge is power, so a dental implant consultation is well worth your time and effort to see if implants will work well for you.

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